Genuine professionalism in researching and evaluating business issues in many industries. 20 years of experience in international project management, team and business development.

Since the turn of the millenium, Ole Wassermann has worked for leading Swiss and German Research companies and specialized consulting agencies for various well-known clients.

“I thank you so much for your quick and efficient cooperation. The results and your expertise in the financial sector have been much appreciated and improved our work significantly. It was truly a pleasure working with you and I am looking forward to our next project.”

Cornelia Sanders, Account Director, Scholz & Friends

“Albert Ole Wassermann ist ein ausgewiesener Kenner der Schweizer Marktforschungslandschaft. Es dürfte wohl kein grösseres Unternehmen in der Schweiz geben, dessen Büroräumlichkeiten Ole nicht kennt. Dank seiner grossen Erfahrung mit qualitativer Marktforschung war es für mich immer eine grosse Bereicherung bei Mixed-Methods-Studien mit ihm zusammenzuarbeiten.“

Wolfgang Limbach, Customer & Market Insight Consultant, Raiffeisen Gruppe

“Ole’s enthusiasm for the project and his excellent organizational skills allowed us to run a successful research covering live interviews with consumers in Russia, Italy and 3 more countries. The comprehensive results’ analysis and suggestions presented by Ole allowed us to launch a brand “mama natura” and extend the product range beyond homeopathy to food supplements, medical devices and cosmetics and manage the homeopathic portfolio risk. Ole’s support has been essential for drawing the strategy and the expansion plans for the brand! I highly recommend Ole who not only gives meaningful contributions to the project but is a very friendly person, easily integrating with the customer’s teams.”

 Waldemar Duda, Head of Global Marketing, DHU / Schwabe Pharmaceuticals


Insighting – “Invaluable insight from a trustworthy source”

As a leader, it can be hard to get object insight into your company’s inner workings. With the same minds it is easy to follow the known solution paths. Our insight process provides fresh, objective insight into your company output. By collecting and analyzing customer feedback, we can help you answer questions you have about your challenges and provide a psychological, social and behavioral profile of the customers you are serving. In today’s market, success is dependent on a deep understanding of customers wants and needs. This customer knowledge is invaluable. It allows us to provide you with relevant and accessible insights on the performance, successes, and failures of your current output. Insight is the crucial first step in crafting strategies tailored to your audience.


Ideation and Design Thinking – “Generate a team of innovators”

No matter how innovative or well-intentioned your ideas are, they will not succeed on their own. You need a team with the creativity and skills necessary to bring those ideas to fruition. We can help. Our ideation process provides a workshop setting to inspire your team to be more. By equipping them with the skills to evaluate and build upon ideas unlocks their full potential. With a more agile and capable team, you can optimize your business’s output and efficiency. A team of cogs will always produce the same results. A team of innovators will move you forward.

Concept Development – “Concrete Management Solutions”

The demand for an agile, multitalented workforce has changed the demands for effective management. Coupled with the evolving consumer, this produces a real challenge for leaders and managers. Our Concept Development process plants the strategic seeds to bloom more efficient and effective management approaches. We combine deep industry knowledge and proven methods with a tailored consideration of the individuals within your company. The results? Developed, customized management strategies.

concept tower
On the job education

On the Job Education – “Expert level techniques for entry-level team members”

Even if your workforce is full of talented, creative individuals, they will not succeed if they are not equipped with industry-standard techniques. For example, a Junior market researcher that cannot effectively conduct and share a qualitative analysis will never succeed. Our on the Job Education will teach entry-level team members effective methods of quality output. Writing PowerPoint presentations. Making information accessible. Conducting effective research and analysis. All skills that took years to learn to do effectively, streamlined with our process.

Interim Leadership – “Reliable leadership in your time of need”

Leaders are not made overnight, but sometimes they are needed overnight. Whether a leader is removed or was not present to begin with, a team without a head is destined for failure. And a manager who lets a team go without leadership becomes a failure themselves. Our Interim Leadership process equips your team with experienced, capable leadership that stabilizes a spiraling unit. We lead teams while you find or develop new leaders. Once the team is stabilized, you will not have to worry about our interim leader giving you trouble on the way out. Allowing you to move forward without losing any progress.


Sales Support – “Improve upon what works”

Many companies only seek consultation if they are failing. This can lead to stagnation. It creates a self-imposed glass ceiling. No matter how successful a company is, the modern customer demands more today than what they were offered yesterday. In today’s marketplace, innovation and growth are necessary even if your company is successful. Of course, this is easier said than done. Our Sales Support processes provide insights that can generate leads that build upon success. Reputations change quicker than ever and it doesn’t take much to become antiquated.




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